INDX Accessories AW18 NEW Brand Focus 1 inc. Punch, Cachet, American Tourister...

INDX Accessories AW18 - New Brand Focus 1

NDX Accessories showcases brands which are specifically, commercially relevant to all independent retailers, from high street shops to specialist boutiques and department stores. Read on for the first installment our New Brand Focus featuring Katana, Ava, Issey Mai, Cachet London, Punch, American Tourister & Failsworth Hats.


Classic bags with a contemporary twist, incredibly durable and architecturally beautiful... more

Katana Paris

Beautiful leather bags which are immensely practical but also stylish and very well made... more


A quintessentially British brand, providing stylish and timeless headwear since 1903. Using modern, innovative materials and... more

Issey Mai

Jewellery which embraces the stories, happy moments, milestones and experiences that celebrate, connect and inspire... more

Ava Leather

Designed by ‘people in the know’, practical, good quality and a reasonable price...more

American Tourister

A world leader in its field, offering youthful, vibrant and reliable luggage for over 80 years...more

Cachet London

A contemporary British jewellery brand founded on the ideals of design, attention to detail and quality of finish... more
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