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INDX Menswear Jockey Collection Wanderlust 2018



Wan·der·lust to move, to breathe, to fly to float, to gain all while you give; to roam the roads of lands remote, to travel is to live. It starts with the sunrise. For those who are truly restless at heart, who crave adventure: the moment dawn cracks above the horizon, when the sky begins to warm with the promising glow of a new day represents opportunity. Travellers have a constant itch to see the world beyond what they already know. Their bags are rarely unpacked and they can be ready to hit the streets within an hour. Give them the opportunity and they’ll take to the air, the road, the sea. They’ll get there, anywhere, anyway they can.

It’s not just about what they see while they’re there. Sure, the food, the smells, the colours of new and sometimes foreign places are exciting. You probably don’t notice what all that culture does to you until you’re back at home and those epiphanies aren’t going to happen while you’re looking at vacation photos. The changes that those journeys produce in us, the people we meet, the museums we linger in, the vistas we hike to, the buzz of a new city, we don’t feel their ultimate impact until we're alone. It’s when the quiet of being back at home hits you that you realize what you learned about yourself while you were gone.

Without question, places we’ve never seen challenge us to look inward. You can’t help but notice yourself when you’re out there alone. You hear your own thoughts rattling against themselves, challenging your perceptions of what you thought you already knew. The true traveller knows that the greatest journey you take is the journey you make into yourself, when you question not so much how you see the world, but how that world sees you.


Men's NOS

Jockey infuses their NOS collection this year with new seasonal colours and core styles. Cotton+ includes a cool new blue colour offering that pairs with the cool tones of the changing season. They've updated their most popular loungewear, boxers, briefs and shorts with prints that include new color stories and earthy tones fit for all styles.

Expect a new long style in Balance for premium ease and warmth. Night & Day Loungewear includes new seasonal shades in long and short sleeve tees, new prints for pants and pyjamas. Cotton Nautical Stripe pyjama sets are cozy enough to wear at home and, as with all Jockey lounge collections, worthy of streetwear.

Relaxed lounge offers an all-encompassing luxury feel and look in new black and navy blue silhouettes. Also brand new: they have created a long-sleeve polo with the same colors as theirshort-sleeve polo with a style ready for the cooler winds of fall and winter.

Jockey’s latest NOS collection, Microfibre Air, not only covers all of the basics of comfort and quality, but goes far beyond that to offer more to men. This super soft microfibre collection features a 4-way stretch fabric that is so lightweight and breathable that it doesn’t wrinkle, doesn’t need to be ironed, and dry time is practically lightning fast. Pair superior breathability with an extra soft microfibre waistband that lays so seamlessly, you’ll forget that it’s even there. Combining first-class comfort with Jockey’s renowned practicality, Microfibre Air is available in 2Pack A-Shirts, T-Shirts, briefs, trunks and boxer trunks in solid core colours white, black and deep navy.


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