Carlos Cordoba

A family-owned business that launched over 30 years ago, Spanish label Carlos Cordoba is the go-to name for superbly crafted men’s shirts. Luxurious cuts, charming prints, timeless styles… Carlos Cordoba designs and produces all kinds of shirts in its own factory in Spain working for a limitless range of male customers. Balancing current trends with classic designs, Carlos Cordoba’s competitive prices, ‘Made in Spain’ tag, quality fabrics, never out of the stock collection and an incredible choice of the man’s most valuable staple make this label a must-have.

To become even more appealing, the Spanish label also has a line of trousers, chinos, and jeans with a wide range of NOOS. One of the strongest points of the brand is that you will have a stunning range of colorful trousers available inside the NOOS range. With this multitude of shades per style. Carlos Cordoba trousers match perfectly with the line of the shirt.