Royal Doulton new collection for Spring 2019 is Bowls of Plenty.  Embracing the “Hygge movement” of making time to create peaceful moments, with friends or by ourselves and to create a sense of contentment, with their Bowls of Plenty collection. Connection and comfort being at the forefront of more casual lifestyles and food now needs to look photogenic for sharing on social media.

Bowl shapes are increasingly designed without a lip, framing the food giving the appearance of a full, hearty meal. International cuisine and nourish bowl options create a variety of colour, texture, and flavours stimulating a sensory experience for both the mouth and eyes.

From the simple stacking of ingredients to the arrangement of fruit, the combinations are limitless. With bowls in various shapes and sizes to suit the various requirements of the user, Royal Doulton’s Bowls of Plenty Collection is visual, tactile and practical.