Soft Bedding Co

The Soft Bedding Company has a well-established history of creating the finest quality quilts, pillows and toppers in Westport, Co. Mayo, Ireland. We pay the utmost attention to detail when making our products and this has opened doors for us into domestic and export markets. The company has a trusted and well-established supply base and we source our raw materials in Europe, Far East, Middle East and the UK.

The key brands for us are Sleep Well Live Well and The Soft Bedding Company brand.

We make to order and offer a large range of filled product of various quantities. The Soft Bedding Co can offer both British and European sized duvets and pillows. We focus on customer service and meeting customer needs as soon as possible.

The company provides filled product that offers a quality product at a competitive price.

The Soft Bedding Co offers a 5cm single and 7.5cm dual chamber topper, which is the highest growing product line in the business. We have a new phase changing material pillow with gel dots, which keeps you cool.