The Torre Fashion Group, founded upon a Portuguese ancestry, has a highly recognised manufacturing tradition within our market. We are proud to say we own one of the largest manufacturing companies in Western Europe, dedicated exclusively to ceremonial and classic clothing, tailor made clothing and last but not least corporate clothing. The whole process is developed within our own infrastructure, from product design, planning, production all the way through to shipment logistics. Our experience, expertise and know-how enable us to continuously develop this process. This has been key to our continued growth and presence in the European market for over 40 years.


The concept of weddings is changing and the Torre Fashion group embraces and changes with it. After years focused on corporate clothing, the group launched into the Ceremonial sector with a desire for growth and we achieved it. A wedding day is a memorable event and we want to participate, driving the concept driven by the best reasons.


One of our key principles is providing a platform for people to develop their own personal styling for daily menswear clothing. Fashion changes continuously season to season, year to year and we work continuously to develop with it. It’s our goal for the men wearing our clothing to be proud of their style and the image it projects to others. We wouldn’t have in any other way.


The improvement of our service started the day our company was founded. Since then, the 400 employees working in our infrastructure work every single day on the challenge of looking for improvement and perfection. Our Quick Service, based on a bespoke approach, gives our clients additional options and personalization tips. This is the opportunity for anyone to take part in the process and help define the look they are searching for.”