Thank you for your interest in attending INDX Furniture.

You do not need to be a Member of AIS to attend the show, however we do require that all visitors pre-register. We've recently introduced a new registration system which might look a little different.

To register for the show, please sign-up and create a new account (we recommend you save your password).

Once you have created your account you don't need to go through the process again - simply login to register for any INDX Shows.

If you would like to visit the show as a potential exhibitor, please make an enquiry via the Contact Us form.

Please note:

The first day of the show is reserved for AIS Members Only.
Children under the age of 16 will not be permitted entry to the show under any circumstances. 
Dogs are not permitted on-site unless they are assistance/ guide dogs.

We look forward to welcoming you to the next show.

Set-up a new account in two steps

1) Click the 'Visitor Sign-up' button 

2) Sign-up to create a new account