INDX Beds & Bedroom 2024

April 2024 | From functional spaces to havens of wellness

Explore the hottest trends in beds and bedroom furniture

INDX Beds & Bedroom is fast approaching and will open at Cranmore Park on 23*- 24 April 2024 (*first day reserved for AIS Members only).

Bedrooms are transforming from purely functional spaces into havens of comfort, wellness, and self-expression, register for your free ticket and look forward to discovering the hottest trends in beds and bedroom furniture...

Cosy sanctuary vibes

Earthy tones and muted palettes: Think calming beiges, warm browns, and soft greens, creating a sense of tranquility.

Sustainable materials: Eco-conscious consumers are opting for reclaimed wood, organic fabrics like linen and hemp, and recycled materials.

Plush textures and layering: Boucle fabric, chunky knit throws, and layered bedding provide a luxurious and inviting feel, ideal for curling up with a good book.

Bold statement pieces

Oversized headboards: Upholstered, wood-paneled, or even rattan, creating a dramatic focal point in the room.

Integrated and built-in furniture: Think platform beds with built-in storage ottomans or headboards that extend to the wall, offering a sleek and streamlined look.

Pops of color: Don't be afraid to add a splash of personality with bold accent colours like jewel tones, deep teal, or mustard yellow.

Functionality and personalisation

Multi-functional furniture: Smaller spaces require clever sofa beds, beds with built-in drawers or ottomans for hidden storage.

Eclectic mix of styles: Vintage paired with modern, or bohemian accents complementing mid-century – reflecting your unique personality is key.

Hidden technology: Hidden charging stations and integrated TVs or speakers seamlessly blend function with aesthetics.

Curated by buyers from Associated Independent Stores (AIS), the UK’s leading buying, event, and services group for fashion, home, and leisure, INDX Beds & Bedroom offers a friendly, business and buyer focused environment and registration can be completed online at www.indxshows.co.uk/indx-home/beds-bedroom/beds-bedroom


Show Information

Free admission | Free onsite parking | Complimentary refreshments

Opening Times:

Tuesday 23 April | 08:30 – 17:00 2024 (AIS Members only)

Wednesday 24 April | 08:30 – 16:00 2024 (open to all general trade visitors)

Useful Links:

INDX website: www.indxshows.co.uk

INDX Beds & Bedroom show information: www.indxshows.co.uk/indx-home/beds-bedroom/beds-bedroom

INDX Beds & Bedroom visitor registration: www.indxshows.co.uk/indx-home/beds-bedroom/registration

AIS website: www.aistores.co.uk

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